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About BOB Wonderkid

Brainobrain Kids Academy Private Limited, present across 45 countries has been empowering young geniuses worldwide. It is one of the world’s leading children institute for self-empowerment, and has been successfully conducting Wonderkid Competitions for the past 13 years. This year, considering the unavoidable circumstances, the competition will be held Online. Brainobrain’s motto has always been to empower children and bring out the leaders in them. Wonderkid Competition is one of its effort to achieve its larger goal. The aim of this competition is to motivate, empower and increase competitiveness in children. This competition will also give children the platform to compete against fellow students of their age, across the nation. 13th BOB Wonderkid is expected to be one of the largest National level Inter School competition with around 50,000 students participating from 1500 schools across the nation.

Bob Wonderkid

About the Competition

The competition comprises one common paper which has multiple choice questions under the areas of Mental Maths, Logical Ability, General Knowledge and Speed Typing/Handwritting. 40 minutes will be given to complete all the 4 sections.

LKG & UKG : Competition Paper will be for 30mins and the paper pattern will be as per curriculum being taught at school.

Who can participate?

Offline: LKG grade until 8th grade
are welcome to participate.

Online: 1st grade until 8th grade
are welcome to participate.

Where will it take place?

Online : At the comfort of your home. Both mobile and laptop can be used, regardless of it being Android or IOS.

Offline : at your city (will be informed by our Brainobrain Team closer to the competition date)

Selection Criteria

Participants will be competing amongst students of their own grades.
Marking Scheme:
Classes LKG, UKG,1 &2 : 1 Marks for each correct answer
Classes 3 to 8 : 2 Marks for each correct Answer and Minus 1 for every incorrect answer

Registration Fee

LKG & UKG : Rs.250/- per student.

Class 1 to 8 : Rs.350/- per student.

Includes access to practice mock papers for the competition.


Cash price of 15,00,000 INR will be distributed amongst the winners. Merit Certificates with the mention of candidate’s State/National level rank will be issued, along with the distribution of Gold and Silver medals for the top 50% of the participants.

Important Dates

Date of Competition – Offline Competition: 6th August  & 13th August 2023 (as Mention in the Competition Form).
Last Date for Registration – 15th July 2023.

Online Competition: 20th August  & 27th August 2023 (You can choose a date of your choice while registering).
Last Date for Registration – 22nd August 2023.

Exam Pattern

Mental Maths

  • Class 1 & 2 : Simple Addition and Subtraction Sums
  • Class 3 & 4 : Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication Sums
  • Class 5 to 8 : Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication & Division Sums

Logical Ability

  • Various kinds of Word Problems
  • Number Problems
  • Odd One Out
  • Series Completion
  • Brain Teasers etc

General Knowledge

  • Current Affairs
  • Historical Facts
  • NEWS
  • Sports Questions etc

Speed Typing / Handwriting

Speed Typing : The child would be displayed 5 letter words on screen one after the other which he would be asked to type.

Marks will be given based on the child’s speed.

Speed Handwriting : The children would be given a paragraph which they would have to copy within the stipulated time in the best possible handwriting.


Participating Schools




Prize Winners

Rs.15 lakh

worth Cash Prizes in total

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